Ritika is no doubt the rock in the wilds.

She is an over-achiever who has a far-fetched perception for fashion and capturing the moment. Whether it is landscape, people, or product, she evaluates and analyses every aspect of a shoot down to tiny detail. She is the one you can count on to be up till midnight completing the work and rising at dawn with a fresh enthusiasm. Her style is best described as organic and pure. Ritika has a specialty in creating stunning portraits filled with emotions and deepest connections. She understands her work so wonderfully well that you look at some of here cinematic videos you would feel mesmerised, spellbound and lost in the tide of time. Her artistic talent and cheerful personality helps clients feel easy during gatherings, weddings, and sessions. Even the most camera shy individuals give their best to her. She considers that childhood is a heaven of fleeting moments, and captures the wonder before the moment passes.



Worked with AAP as an Event photographer in Nepal


Worked with Ivory Rock Foundation as an Event photographer in Australia


Covered Peace Conference in Malaysia


Worked as an Event Photographer in South Africa


Adobe Lihtgroom 90%
Image Archiving 80%
Flexible and Artistic Creative Approach 85%
Lighting skills 95%
Traditional dark room skills 70%
Film & Digital work 90%